Jennifer Linton
I am a graduate from Falmouth University, where I studied Marine and Natural History Photography. It was truly a one in a million course, and I loved all the challenges and experiences it presented me with.  I focused mainly on the terrestrial side of the course, meaning I got to explore places all over Cornwall, experimenting with all the photographic and moving image techniques the course taught me.  
Since returning home to Hampshire, I am excited about the new challenges and adventures the next chapter of my life is presenting me with.
I am a self motivated, hard working individual who is dedicated to anything I do.  I have always had a passion for wildlife.  When I was younger I wanted to be a vet but decided I would never be able to euthanize an animal.  Therefore, I decided to focus my efforts on my love of photography and combine this with my devotion to wildlife.  Having experienced the moving image section of my course, I also developed an interest for this and it is something I am keen on pursuing.  Conservation and the protection of species is something I aim to contribute to through my work, helping to make a difference to the suffering creatures of the world.
My dream is to be able to travel the world doing what I love; photographing or filming its species, different environments and experiencing the cultures.  
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